We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a limited time POP-UP STORE at Hankyu Men’s Tokyo in Japan from August 4 to August 24, 2021 with D/HILL and our friend artists and brands.

In addition to the world premiere of D/HILL’s latest collection, we will also be offering limited edition products in collaboration with graffiti artist CAZUL, who has worked on projects with international brands such as Alexander Wang, and tattoo artist EASYINK (SHIN), who has tattooed famous Japanese hip hop artists such as Kohh and Anarchy.

In addition, the Parisian jewelry brand “JOHAN SILVERMAN”, with whom we have had a close relationship for a long time, will be selling a wide range of items from standard to new products, including collaboration caps, and Tyler’s favorite shampoo from the men’s grooming store “DENIS” will also be available for purchase.

Through this event, we hope that people will be able to experience the background and culture of not only D/HILL, but also the brands and artists that we are involved with.

Finally, We would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Hankyu Men’s Tokyo for giving us the opportunity to hold this event, to the members of the Japan team and my artist friends for their cooperation, and to all of you who are looking forward to this event.

2021/8/4~8/24までの期間、日本の阪急メンズ東京にてD/HILLとゆかりのあるアーティストやブランドと共に、期間限定のPOPーUP STOREを開催いたします。

D/HILLの最新コレクションが世界初公開されるほか、Alexander Wangなど世界的なブランドとのプロジェクトの経験を持つグラフィティアーティストのCAZUL氏、KohhやAnarchyなど日本を代表するアーティストのタトゥーも手がけるタトゥーアーティストEASYINK(SHIN氏)を招いた限定コラボレーション商品をご用意いたしております。

また以前より親交の深いパリのジュエリーブランド「JOHAN SILVERMAN」からもコラボキャップをはじめとし、定番から新作の商品まで豊富なアイテム群が発売されるほか、タイラーが愛用するメンズグルーミングショップ「DENIS」のシャンプーなども期間限定で販売をいたします。



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