The 2020 IDF Event Dates need to be confirmed by October 31, 2019!

Existing Event Organizers: In the anomaly that your IDF representative has not contacted you yet, then please contact them with your confirmed dates for the 2020 season.

Prospective Event Organizers: If you’re not* already in contact with an IDF representative, then please:

  1. Email with your interest in the 2020 IDF season.
  2. Complete the following form on the IDF Website to submit your event:

Members: Is there an event you want to see on the IDF tour? Put your local IDF representative in touch with the event organizer to make magic happen!

Thank you to all 2019 IDF Event Organizers and Racers for a safe and professional race season! Your IDF Board Members are currently hard-at-work reviewing the 2019 season and preparing to make 2020 the best IDF season yet! Please stay tuned for more information coming shortly.

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