Vans Celebrates “Dia de los Muertos” With The Sk8-Hi

Continuing a tradition of its own, Vansreleased a “Dia de Los Muertos” inspired collection on October 18, just before the spookiest time of year. The seasonal pack includes footwear, clothing, and accessories all donning ornate calaveras (or skulls) synonymous with the namesake Mexican holiday. For those who can’t be bothered with laces, a classic Slip-On is available, but for those prefer a taller silhouette, the “Off the Wall” brand has made a mostly black Sk8-Hi, with brightly-colored graphics of spiderwebs and flora adorning the sugar-skull printed on both sides of the canvas-half of the shoe. Grab a detailed look of the shoe below and treat yourself by shopping the collection on Vansnow.

Source: © Sneaker News.


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