Virginia-based Junghoon Son, who designs under the name Vandy the Pink, has very quickly amassed a very solid Instagram following on the strength of his finger-on-the-pulse custom sneaker designs. Inspired by whatever is popping in fashion and streetwear, Son’s approach combines an artful eye with a fair amount of ironic detachment (his next collection is titled “Artist or Asshole), and as such, he views himself as much as a gallery curator as a designer.

by Snobette




NIKE AirForce one

[ONVANDYLAB®] x NIKE AirForce 1 features :

– Multi Elastic Cords as shoelaces and adjustable cordlocks to tighten shoes

– An attached shoe sole platform ( 1.8″- 2″ inches )

  • THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM (Approx. takes 3-4 weeks to ship)







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