Today’s racing brought on a few surprises including the weather and results. Gustav Norhall went undefeated from Quarter Finals onwards earning him top spot to advance into B Bracket. The top 4 was rounded out by Jakub Spesny, Julian Sherman and Dan Waterhouse. The three top riders from the Consi Final also joined these four in the B Bracket.

Gustav Norrhäll managing the first left at Kozakov

B Bracket as always didn’t cease to surprise riders with some early unexpected knockouts. Jaime De Lange from the Philippines fell victim to weight in the first round when Maxwell Kaye passed him at the finish line. Dexter Manning also suffered in the Quarter Finals when he faced Lillian Barouillet and newcomer to Kozakov, Zane Bonser.

Lillian Barouillet battled all day remaining undefeated until Finals

After some exciting Semi Finals the last results for the seven to move up into A Bracket were decided. Javier Taboas was clean all day and managed to grab the win ahead of Nikolay Keller, Vincent Bapst and Lillian Barouillet.

Javi Táboas was today’s B Bracket Champion earning him a place in A Bracket

A Bracket heats are now full and ready to rumble for tomorrow and we’re stoked that even from the first round, skaters will have to battle every heat for the win. You can find the full results from today here, and view the full A Bracket ahead of tomorrows riding here.

source. Internationaldownhillfederation.org


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