13 COLD CASES: UFO 政府も真相を解明できなかったUFO写真


In January this year, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) on Twitter, “most of the UFOs witnessed in the 1950s and 60s are CIA-owned U-2 spy reconnaissance planes.” Though it became a topic with the purpose of making tweets, it still seems that there are still unconfirmed flying objects that do not know its true nature

Most recently, in the United States, 12,000 UFO photographs taken between 1947 and 1969 were announced. The microfilm “Project Blue Book”, in which these photos are recorded, can be viewed online by anyone.

Even if 5% of UFO sightings have the power of the U.S. government, the reality is not clear. They are classified as unknown “cold cases”. Let’s take a look at the old UFO photos that are enshrined in such a mystery here.

“UFO photos have several lies.” That’s right, Nigel Watson, the author of the “UFO Investigation Manual”.

“The most important issue with UFO sightings is when the photos are blurred. There is no pros and cons to see if the photos are clearly visible, fake or real, and you can prove right away. Then, because a lot of people express various opinions, so many stories are created from one photo.If such an old photo is saved, something that was not reflected at the time of shooting comes out The problem is that there are cases in which you Said Watson. via: MAILonline.com/ CARABAIYA






1.UFO tracking the back of the B-47 jet
2. Disc-shaped UFO
4. UFO illuminated by searchlight
5. UFO behind men
6. Huge spacecraft
7. Two red UFOs flying through the airfield
8. UFOs fly behind horses
9. UFO seen from the window of the plane
10. Huge Four Lights
11. Lubbock Wright Case
12. Huge disk shaped UFO
13.9 UFOs



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